Blind Mirth Producer Application

Thank you for your interest in producing for Blind Mirth!
This month, we will be taking on the Media Producer– please see the job description below. This application will close 25th February, 2015.
As always, please email us at with any questions you may have.

Job Description: Media Producer
– Coordination and creating the publicity campaigns for Blind Mirth’s weekly Monday night shows, special events throughout the Academic year and their Edinburgh Fringe run.
– This involves the creation of posters, cover photos, event, photos, profile pictures, flyers and being creative in terms of how to best market the group.
– You and the other producer for Blind Mirth must attend and tech all Blind Mirth shows and attend all rehearsals.
– You are also responsible for Blind Mirth’s online presence. This means maintaining and updating the Blind Mirth website, facebook page, and twitter account
– You may be asked by the group to make the occasional trailer to help promote certain events.

Bonus points for slipping a pun into one of your answers!

Blind Mirth performig at St Andrews Islamic Society’s Charity Gala this Wednesday!

Blind Mirth performig at St Andrews Islamic Society's Charity Gala this Wednesday!

Charity Week is fast approaching, and as one of Islamic Society’s major events, they are having a fundraising Charity Dinner and Comedy Act with Blind Mirth!

Islamic Society invites you to join them dressed in your best attire for an evening of food, laughter and good company.

Venue: Jahangir Restaurant

Date: Wednesday 30th October

Time: 6:45pm – 9:00pm

Price: £15

Dress code: Formal

Tickets: We will be selling tickets alongside the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Contact 07703762795 for more info.

All proceeds will go to the orphans and needy children around the world.

Blind Mirth Presents: Dial ‘M’ for Mirth

An ex-tennis pro carries out a plot to murder his wife. When things go wrong, he improvises a brilliant plan B.
Watch plan B unfold with Blind Mirth and Grace Kelly for FREE on Monday at 8pm in the Barron.

You’ll die laughing.

Release Date: 28 October 2013
Run Time: 60 minutes
Rating: PG-13 for scary moments and overwhelming laughterDial M for Mirth