(We’re a Student Improv Comedy Group , if you didn’t already know)

Blind Mirth have been a comedy institution at the University of St Andrews since 1998. For a longer history lesson check out our history page. It’s FULL of interesting facts.

As an honest bunch, our comedy really is as it says on the tin – every show is 100% improvised, entirely formed around the suggestions given to us by our audiences. There is no script, nor any prior discussion about each performance before we go on stage, just some funny people and a room full of students to entertain.

Click here for info on our weekly shows. If you don’t want to click that link, we do shows every Monday during term time at the Barron Theatre at 8pm. These shows are also completely free! We also will be doing more special one off shows- for information on these the best thing to do would be to follow our Facebook page where we will keep you up to date on all things Mirth!

We have been going to the Edinburgh Fringe for 5 consecutive years now and will be there again in the summer of 2017! Last time out we received no reviews due to our inability to impress media representatives, but we  did impress a guy named Derek enough for him to give us an actual award for “Best Improv Show, Fringe 2016.”

Blind Mirth, Very Funny.


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