Our Improv

Blind Mirth perform a mixture of long form and short form comedy weekly during term time. We love both for entirely different reasons and want to tell you a bit about them.

Long Form is a challenging way to perform improv. Just one simple suggestion from the audience can spark us off on 30-40 minutes of improvisation. Like short form, there are a number of different styles of long form; sometimes we improvise 3-act plays (known as a Harold), sometimes we feed off each others lines to create a series of intertwining scenes (Famous Last Words) and sometimes we feed off an audience member’s I-Pod or Wallet (the I-pod or Wallet games…) to give us inspiration for each different scene. However, this list is not at all exhaustive! In general, long form means recurring characters, character development and callbacks to different scenes with each member of the group taking part. It’s a lot of hard work for our improvers but is often much more exciting and rewarding!

Mirth Rehearsal 2

Short Form is a series of games (we are trying to compile a list of the ones we play most often) much like those you would see on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. These games are often very quick-fire and based on word play, physical comedy, rapid scene changes and many fun formats. We use these to warm up audiences and ourselves and for smaller gigs. Normally we will play 5/6 games of this style in our shows before moving onto long form.

Mirth Rehearsal 4


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