Stephen is an award-winning comedian from New York City. He has been doing improv since the tender mind-warping age of 13, and has performed in Improv Theaters all over New York City. Trained by Becky Drysdale (Key & Peele) and Louie Pearlman (Story Pirates), Stephen is thrilled to bring American-style longform improv to Scotland. Stephen won the 2011 Half-Cut Best Director award for his short action-comedy, Nerf Western. He is also a pretty big Batman fan.

Emma is a young(ish) performer from the North East of Scotland and recent graduate of the University of St Andrews (MA English Hons, Attila.) She has won multiple scholarships and prizes as a singer; received polite and well-written reviews as an actress; and been awarded a gold medal for ladies Under 15’s discus due to her abnormally large biceps. She has been a member of ‘Blind Mirth’ for over five years, a feat for which she has won no awards.

Chris was drafted to Blind Mirth last-minute to fill the mandatory facial hair quota for Fringe comedy troupes. A method improviser, he has spent his whole life making funnies while under pressure. This is dangerously unprofessional for someone planning a career in Acute Medicine. Fortunately Chris studies in Glasgow, where they understand.

Aria has a funny name and looks a little like a gorilla. Aria loves eating cookie dough ice-cream while listening to Abba’s Take A Chance On Me. Aria likes to refer to himself in the third person. Aria was a dancer for the Black Eyed Peas at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Edinburgh in 2003. Aria has had no formal dance training. Aria feels as though he peaked early in his dancing career, as things have gone downhill ever since.

Lauren is a fairly nice chick from Edinburgh. Her special contributions to the group include large glasses, greater-than-average height, and at least six different facial expressions. She joined the world of improvised comedy as a wide-eyed bejantine at St Andrews University, where she currently studies Medicine as a hobby. Lauren has published one play, which has received no critical acclaim as of yet.

Charlie‘s first stage role was a tap dancing panda at age 4. Since then she has branched out, competed, choreographed and performed at home (Edinburgh) and abroad. She joined the National Youth Theatre in 2006 and Blind Mirth in her first year of university in 2008.

Kat is a management student at St Andrews, but prefers to think of herself as a failed violinist / actress / archaeologist. Kat enjoys handing out small imaginary objects during improv scenes, which she happens to find large amounts of in her pockets. She has a strange liking for incomprehensible sub clauses, spooning and badgers. Kat was never born but fell from space a few years ago.

Ed didn’t get into Hogwarts. It was his first choice and he worked hard for it but it’s fine. These days it’s just such lottery and so many people apply that you really have to want it. Anyway, he got into his second choice, St. Anne’s, which is actually Scotland’s first school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We think it will be better for him in the long run, because at the end of the day does it really matter which school of Witchcraft and Wizardry you went to?

Mike is from Kirkcaldy, which is located on the most northerly tip of the island of Borneo and not in Fife as many people seem to think. Borneo also has a large population of ginger haired beings, but these are mostly orang-u-tans. Mike left to find people who understood his pun-making abilities, as great apes are known to prefer mostly politically based humour. Mike discovered Blind Mirth this year, although he is not yet convinced that their mental capacities are any higher than those of the orang-u-tans.

Peaches: Since earning £51.00 to play Forgetful the Dwarf in a professional pantomime and sharing the limelight with a woman who was once a headteacher on CBBC’s Grange Hill, Sam has always enjoyed the lavish famous lifestyle. His search for glory and riches has also led him at one point to be the fastest school 3000m runner for his age in Derbyshire. Despite attempting to live by the mantra There’s no point making friends on the way up when you’re not coming back down, Sam still finds himself thanking bus drivers and letting people with heavy objects go through doors first. He promises that he is working on it.

Baxter, or Apsu as he was known in ancient Babylon, is an immortal time traveller and part-time ghostbuster/FARC strong man. He has the distinct honor of having invented the sport of improv comedy one night while he was bored during the siege of Tyre in the fourth century BC. He is loved only by his two cats, but he cannot communicate well with them as he only speaks rudimentary Spanish. Baxter also has ten toes and several insecurity issues.

Fay likes both dogs and cats, a paradox leading to her excommunication from the Holy Catolic church. Her animals tend to be a distraction when she is trying to study for her university degree in English. Other distractions include being funny, sleeping and being distracted. One day she hopes to become queen.

Catherine is running away from Blind Mirth to the Middle East next year in order to pursue her dream of becoming a freestyle rapper. She is originally from Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a fact which has gone entirely unnoticed during her time in St Andrews.

Matt visited Narnia when he was young but doesn’t like to talk about it. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

Stephen Q is an international man of mystery. Man with a thousand middle names. Law abider. A snake charmer in his own right. Shirt changer. Bitter because he never made it onto the actual current Mirther section of the site due to a Mind Birth who forgot the password. He much enjoyed his one year in Blind Mirth, but regards it as mostly a mistakke. Much like the first Stephen, he is also a big batman fan.


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