A Brief History of Mirth

In 2013, Blind Mirth received a message from the past. The deep past of Blind Mirth. Mr Andrew Howley, one of our founding members emailed us with some information and some photos that were to reveal to us the origins of our institution, which had been shrouded in mystery for many years…well 15 to be exact…

It was March 12th, 1998 and through the early spring mists from the North Sea, something was happening. Something Big. A group of students and town members named an institution, a new and exciting institution. And that was, Blind Mirth. Soon, after a preview performance at the Ambassador’s Ball, on 18th March their world premiere took place in The Four Wood which was then above the cinema. Games included interrogator, which we still play today. In his journal that night, Andrew wrote,

What a success! The place was packed, there was great audience participation, and everyone was asking for info on our next performance…We collected about forty pounds in donations tonight which puts is well on our way towards t-shirts for everyone in the group!

Apparently the t-shirts were never bought. Sounds like Mirth. Also, note that both £40 and a full audience are something the current group would like to emulate…

Mirth 98 again

This is a picture from the Ambassador’s Ball, March 1998. Left to right are Dan, Gareth and Andrew. Click here for more photos!

The group was the brainchild of Bobby Jones scholar, Dan Colman, who returned to America after a semester but left a legacy that lasts until the present day. The group was formed by invitation and auditions in Feb 1998 and the cast list back then (in as much detail as possible) was:

Dan Colman (US), student
Rob Reese, student
Colin Spurway, student
Leslie Harris (US), student
Andrew Howley (US), student
Orlando Mason, student
Alec Battey, student
Gareth Rubin, student
Amanda Parry (US), student
Kathryn, student
Charlotte, student
Ross, resident
Chris, resident


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