Blind Mirth play Dr Know-It-All

Watch Blind Mirth 2013 play Chain Death Murder

Teaser Trailer for Mirth and the Revue’s Joint Show

Mirth’s XXX Show Teaser Trailer

Mirth’s Sexy new Teaser Trailer

A Sketch from their 2012 On The Rocks Show

Blind Mirth play World’s Worst

Blind Mirth play Alistair Moffat’s Cube

Blind Mirth explain the St Andrews Bop

Teaser Trailer for On The Rocks 2012. Prepare yourselves…

Emma, Kate, Jasper, Joe, and Mackie an improv game in which a narrator tells the story of a well-known fairy tale, while the other actors mime out the story in the background.

Joe and Emma play Genre Spot, an improv game in which they start a scene, and then continue while switching from genres to genres, for example Western, Romance Comedy, or Competitive Teen Volleyball Docudrama.

Worlds Worst is a series of short jokes about the worlds worst of an occupation, like TV presenter, historical prostiture, or ancient wizard.

Emma, Kate, Jasper, and Chris play an improv game in which they rotate through four different scenes by switching to the left of right and changing the active scene.

Lauren and Stephen play Ding, in which they must conduct a scene based on audience suggestions, and redo words and actions whenever the host shouts “Ding!”

The opening to Blind Mirth’s 2010 ‘On The Rocks’ show


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