Fringe 2012

In 2012, Blind Mirth made their way to the Ed Fringe for the first time in a number of years We performed to a a number of full houses in Space@SurgeonsHall and received a number of 4* and 5* reviews which you can find on our reviews page. For the first time, we focused on long form improv, introducing the wallet game and the i-pod game, both of which involved the audience in more varied ways than ever before. Along the way, we performed over 20 shows, met the improv legend David Shore of Monkey Toast, made friends with clowns and left our mark on Edinburgh. O, and we got our varsity jackets, may they long be in existence.


Cast List Ed Fringe 2012: Charlie V Martin, Lauren Dunlop, Kat Peschken, Kate Andrews, Emma Rettie, Jasper Lauderdale, Chris Lowe, Stephen Kelly, Aria Dinesh and Matt Knapp.

Mirth 2011/12 at the Ed Fringe
Mirth 2011/12 at the Ed Fringe

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