Reviews and Awards

Fringe 2016

Derek Award– Best Improv Show, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

This year we were too good for anyone to actually review us.


Fringe 2015

EdFringe Review ****

“confident, engaging comedy”

“A vibrant, fast-paced show that couldn’t fail to bring a smile to the faces of everyone in the room.”

Broadway Baby ****

“They will take any suggestion and run with it, skillfully spinning out bizarre ideas into sparky dialogue and – sometimes inspired, sometimes horrendous, always funny – puns.”

“A dynamic, surprising and hilarious hour from a very promising and talented bunch.”

Younger Theatre

“hilarious from start to finish, and brilliantly intimate”

Fringe Guru ***

“Blind Mirth offer some hearty laughs, bags of energy, good value and a great deal of potential among the group.”

Previous Fringe

Edfringe Review
* * * *
“insuppressibly full of energy”
“consistently funny, sharp and clever”
 Broadway Baby
* * * *
“A unique input into the…improv market.”
“an intellectual bold bunch”

Broadway Baby

* * * * *
“This is improvisation at its best.”
“Quick thinking is an understatement for this talented, extraordinary young cast.”
“This is what the Fringe is about.”
 Fringe Guru
 * * * *
“Improv comedy is maybe not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of picturesque seaside St Andrews, but Blind Mirth have something to say about that.”
“They displayed a maturity and depth that was surprising for a group of people who were still in their twenties and thirties[?!].”
“certainly have a bright future ahead of them”
“Their ingenuity and vibrancy is infectious… and if you see them, you’ll catch the bug.”
 Edfringe Review 
 * * * *
“The cast’s relaxed attitude and obvious rapport with one another allows the audience to sit back and feel in capable hands”
“It is a fun, easy going, charming performance packed full of humour, intelligence and inexplicable pleasure.”
Edfringe Review
 * * *
“they are naturally charismatic and quick-witted but never so much as to become glib.”
“Their show would have done many professional ensembles credit.”


We were also honoured to receive the Malcolm Edwards Award for Drama; one of the two highly-coveted prizes given to St Andrews students for their contribution to the performing arts.





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